Aivolävistys - Tyhjiä pulloja, bensaa ja tulta [RAYMOND] 8€ - Second album of this Jyväskylä based hardcorepunkband. More metallic than the first one.
Aivolävistys - Älä katso ihmistä [OFF-RECORDS] 10€ - On their third album Aivolävistys is getting more sort of popish than ever before not a bad thing though.
Armagedom - Das cinzas ao inferno... [MOTHRA RECORDS] 8€- These Brazilian trashcore veterans are legend all over the world and here's one great example why.
Barse - They said it couldn't happen here... and it didn't ! [HELL'S TONE RECORDS] 8€ - Good solid 77-styled punkrock. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Basta Basta - Tämä väri [SFUR] 8€ - Great hardcore from Tampere. This is band is filled with anger and the album with great songs! TRADES WELCOME!
Blitzkrieg Boys - 20th anniversary album [WOIMASOINTU] 8€- The Finnish Ramones celebrating their 20th anniversary.
Dirty Dogs, The - Petualang! [BROKEN NOISE] 8€ - Great d-beat crust from Malaysia!
Driven Dynamo - Expression [ROKU RECORDS] 10€ - Action rock from Norhern Finland. Comes in goodlooking digipack.
Epidemic, The - s/t [ROCENT POPSICLE RECORDS] 8€ - Great 82UK influenced punkrock from USA.
Forca Macabra - Histeria [BUCHO DISCOS, NO FASHION RECORDS] 8€ - If you are not familiar with this band and love Brazilian hardcore you better check this out ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Human Waste - Ett 6-pack folköl & antipolis [HARDCORE HOLOCAUST] 8€ -
Jack The Ripper - Fight the system for peace and freedom [SHOT&SHOUT] 8€ - Great Discharge-punk from Japan!
Kansalaistottelemattomuus - Full spectrum resistance to their fucking system [MUSTA LOKKI] 10€ - Great Finnish/Scottish anarchopunk. Members from Oi Polloi and Olotila.ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Kauniit Poliisit - Vahingonlaukaus [SFUR] 8€ - Great punk/hardcore from Finlad with funny but political lyrics. TRADES WELCOME!
Kohu-63 - Korkeapaineistettu hullujenhuone [SFUR] 8€ - So far latest Kohu-63 full-length. In my opinion their best stuff to date. TRADES WELCOME! ALSO LP VERSION ON SALE!
Kohu-63 - Merry Christmas, Vladimir [SFUR] 6€ - Includes tracks from 4 7"s made 1989-1991 plus some compilation tracks. Includes a patch.
Kohu-63 - Neljällä vuosikymmenellä, kahdella vuosituhannella (eli yhä tätä samaa paskaa) [SFUR] 8€ - New versions of old songs.
Mambohammer - s/t [HELL'S TONE RECORDS] 7€ -
Melena - Murretaan ja vallataan [MUSTA LOKKI] 10€ - Good hardcorepunk from Finland with female vocalist and saxophone. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Mean Idols - Freaks of the city heat [WOIMASOINTU, HILJAISET LEVYT] 8€ - Punkrock / rock'n'roll from Finland. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Müllstation - Zeitbombe [HÖHNIE] 8€ - German punkrock
Mäso - Insanity over reality [K.A.Z. RE-CHORDS] 6€ - Trash metal from Slovakia.
Opus Dead - s/t [LA IDEA] 8€ - Metallic hardcore from from Spain.
Prejudice - Waiting for the end [TOBACCO SHIT RECORDS] 8€ - CRUST from Canada.
Popper Klopper - Wer sich nicht wehrt... [HÖHNIE] 8€ - Good hardcore from Germany.
Rattus - Here comes death [GRAND THEFT AUDIO] 8€ - 24 Rattus classics on same record.
Rattus - s/t [ZÜRICH CHAINSAW MASSACRE] 10€ - Re-issue of the "Ratcage"-lp.
Schleim Keim -Mach dich doch selbst kaputt! [HÖHNIE] 8€ - A German classic.
Schleim Keim - Nichts gewonnen, nichts verloren vol.1. [HÖHNIE] 8€ - Volume 1 of Schleim Keim's discography.
Schleim Keim - Nichts gewonnen, nichts verloren vol.2. [HÖHNIE] 8€ - Volume 2 of Schleim Keim's discography.
Tarakany - Live at DKG/Moscow/29.11.03 [MOSCOW SOUND] 8€ - Live record of these Russian punkrockers. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Stratford Mercenaries - Sense of solitude [SOUTHERN] 8€ -
Terveet Kädet - Onnellisia kytkentöjä 1980-2000 [SOLARDISK] 8€ - 30 track compilation. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Varukers - No masters no slaves [ESTAJANOVISMO] 8€ - 32 Varukers-classics.
Verticals, The - 8-track [HELL'S TONE RECORDS] 10€ - Amazing SURF-band from Finland! ALSO 10" VERSION ON SALE!
Vibrations - Love, resistance [SHOT&SHOUT] 8€ -
WKA - Wir können auch anders! [HÖHNIE] 8€ -


Anger Flares/Clash Dogs [SHOT&SHOUT] 8€ - Two Japanese OI-bands teaming up.
Armagedom/Forca Macabra [SIX WEEKS] 8€ - Finnobrazilian trashcore mayhem at it's best! ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Demarche/Komatos [HEADNOISE] 8€ -
Distress/Komatos [TOTAL PUNK RECORDS] 8€ - D-beat, d-beat, d-beat. From both bands. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
V/A: A Monumental destuicao da vida... [USINADE SANGUE RECORDS] 8€ - 4-way split with Kaaos, Riistetyt, Sick Terror and Svart Aggression. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
V/A: Destreation gig [BRONZE FIST RECORDS] 8€ - Great Japanese hardcore compilation
V/A: Montreal's crust-fucks [TOBACCO SHIT RECORDS] 8€ - You've seen the title, you've seen it all! ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
V/A: Perkeleen punkit vol.1. [SFUR] 6€ - TRADES WELCOME!
V/A: Perkeleen punkit vol.2. [SFUR] 6€ - Comes with a zine! TRADES WELCOME!
V/A: Perkeleen punkit vol.3. [SFUR] 8€ - TRADES WELCOME!
V/A: Rajoitettu ydinsota - Tribute to Rattus [FIGHT RECORDS] 8€ - 16 bands doing their versions of Rattus-songs. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
V/A: Twilight zone [TWISTED CHORDS] 8€ -
V/A: Tribute to Ratsia [FACE RECORDS] 8€ - 11 bands and 11 hits. Some of them succeed to do good versions some don't. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
V/A: Punk is everywhere part 1 [VOLXDROGE RECORDS] 8€ - An international punk-compilation.
V/A: Welcome to 1984 [SONIC REDUCER] 8€ - 23 bands, 17 countries from 1984.

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