Anal Thunder - 4 am illusion [HELL'S TONE RECORDS] 10€ - Catchy finnish skatepunk with humoristic lyrincs ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Anti-Playax - Valencia marca registrada [TRABUC RECORDS] 8€ -Old school punkrock from Spain
Bastards - Demo 82 [ASSEL RECORDS] 8€ - One of the most essential parts of the Finnish hardcore history
Bastards - Järjetön maailma [ASSEL, HÖHNIE] 8€ - Reissue of this masterpiece
Bastards - Siberian hardcore [HÖHNIE] 8€ - Like all the other Bastards-releases this is a truly musthave.
Black Uniforms - Splatter punx on acid [HARDCORE HOLOCAUST] 8€ - In group photo of front cover they look something like hardcore's Bon Jovi. But music is only HARDCORE! ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Blindpigs - Süssewut [HÖHNIE] 8€ - 100% punk from Brazil. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Bluttat - Liberte [ASSEL] 8€ - Anarchopunk from Germany ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Derrida - Vastakirjoituksia [ROKU RECORDS +4] 9€ - Derrida is truly one of the bands with sound of their own. Hardcore, but not in the boring way. Great lyrics too! ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Desastre- Perigo iminente [ASSEL] 8€ -
Diskelmä - Fun is over [KÄMÄSET LEVYT] 10€ - Manowar of d-beat hailing from Finland. Well-played d-beat with some japcore influences
Dunkletagfe - [ASSEL] 8€ -
Exekuce - Jak dlouho jeste budete stat u zdi? [EMERGENCY RECORDS] 8€
Eristetyt - Sitä on systeemi (yx vitun sekasotku) [ROKU RECORDS +2] 8€ - Their early recordings on one LP.
Hausvabot - Feuertaure [HÖHNIE +2] - 8€ -
Hellschock - Only the dead know the end of war [AGIPUNK] 10€ - This 90's stecnh-core classic is a musthave for every fan of the genre. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Jeniger - s/t [Pathetique +4] 8€ - Dark and depressing hardcore from Hamburg.
Juggling Jugulars - Nothing's finished [KÄMÄSET LEVYT, TWISTED CHORDS] 8€ - Great melodic hardcore punk with female vocalist and political lyrics.
Juggling Jugulars - Salute no one [KÄMÄSET LEVYT] 10€ - The latest album of JJ. More punkrock now than hardcore
Kaaos - Ismit [ASSEL] 8€ - The last album of Kaaos. Most of the members played in Kohu-63 after this record so if you like Kohu's new stuff you'll like this too.
Kaaos - Totaalinen kaaos [HÖHNIE] 8€ - One of the main classics of Finnish hardcore. Get it if you don't already have it.
Kohu-63 - Korkeapaineistettu hullujenhuone [SFUR, HÖHNIE ] 8€ - So far latest Kohu-63 full-length. In my opinion their best stuff to date. Red vinyl. ALSO CD VERSION ON SALE!
Kohu-63 - Sotaa 81/82 [HÖHNIE} 8€ - Best of compilation of Kohu's recordings from 80's.
Müllstation - Anschlag [HÖHNIE] 8€ - German punkrock ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Müllstation - Wir sind dabei! [HÖHNIE] 8€
- German punkrock
No Rest - Suportar a dor [KÄMÄSET LEVYT]8€ - Great hardcore from Brazil
No Rest - Todos os disfarces [AID NECESSARIO] 8€- Second album of this great Brazilian band
Permanente Estado de Conflito - s/t [self-released] 8€ -
Poliisivaltio - Fuck your discos [ASSEL] 8€ - Great Finnish hardcore from mid 80's like Mellakka and such. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Reality Crisis - Discharge your frustration [AGIPUNK] 10€ - Great d-beat crust from Japan. The Discharge typing of word "Discharge" on fron cover looks familiar...
Red With Anger - s/t [WASTELAND RECORDS] 8€- Crustpunk from Germany
RIFU - Revolutionary tango (the slavery dance) [TWISTED CHORDS] 8€ - ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Rupture - Cunt of God [RHETORIC RECORDS] 8€- Antipc powerviolcence/fastcore
Schleim Keim - Nichts gewonnen, nichts verloren vol.2. [HÖHNIE] 8€ - Second compilation by Höhnie records of this DDR punk cult classic ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Sharpeville - At the Late Hours [PATHETIQUE, POWER IT UP] 8€ -
Styrchnine - OaklandStadtmusikanten LIVE in Bremen Germany [DEPTH CHARGE RECORDS] 8€ -
Terveet Kädet - Ääretön propaganda [HÖHNIE] 8€ - ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Ümlaut - Havoc wreakers [PATHETIQUE, COMBAT ROCK INDUSTRY] 8€ -
Valse Triste - Madon luku [KÄMÄSET LEVYT, ROKU RECORDS, POPO'S BISTRO] 10€ -


Analohg/Hausvabot [HÖHNIE, EISBÄR, AN'NA NADEL RECORDS] 8€ -Both bands hail from Germany and play traditional punkrock with hc touch. Red vinyl whiles lasts.
Free rande timembomb/Sapere aude [TWISTED CHORDS] 8€ -
Holocaust in Your Head/Motorbreath [TRABUC RECORDS] 8€ -Holocaust in Your Head is a spanish crust band. Great stuff, their best to date. Motorbreath comes from Sweden and plays coolest Motörhead-punk around. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Kohu-63/Red With Anger [SFUR, ASSEL] 8€ - Kohu-63 with 6 new songs, 2 RWA covers and two rerecorded old classics. RWA plays 8 own songs and 2 Kohu-63 covers.
V/A; Back to punk vol. III [KRACHSCHWINDEL RECORDS] 8€ - A compilation with 4 German hardcorepunk bands. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
V/A: Blitzkrieg over you - A tribute to the Ramones [NASTY VINYL] 8€ - 26 Ramones covers by Motörhead, Nina Hagen, Rasta Knast, etc.
V/A: Perhostenkerääjä vol. 1. [ROKU RECORDS] 9€ - Great compilation featuring 4 bands with several songs by each and 2 by one per band. Everything from crust to drunkpunk and all good.
V/A: Uleåborgland hardcore attack [ROKU RECORDS,SUPO RECORDS, PNUK] 10€ - 4 bands hailing from Oulu (Uleåborgland) which is in the northern Finland. Totally worth cheching out especially if you are into crust/grind.
V/A: Yalta hi-life [POWER IT UP] 9€ - Re-issue of this classic compilation. Get yours now or be ashamed. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!

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