AKUPUNKTIO - DIS MANIBUS SACRUM 7" [SFUR, KAAOS KORPORAATIO, 53 HARDCORE STNDICATE, HAVOC] 4€ TRADES WELCOME! -Bands last ep, more metal than before. White vinyl while lasts. Myspace
Another One Dead - No coming back [Hell's tone records] 4€ -Good metallic hardcore from Finland. Red vinyl. Homepage
Boxed In - s/t [CRIME SCENE] 4€ -Fast hardcore from UK.
Dead In The Water - s/t [THRASH AND BURN, WINTER] 4€ -Slow depressing punk/metal in vein of Neurosis and such. Myspace
Dick Spikie, The - Who's doing this? [BRONZE FIST RECORDS] 4€ -Japenese OI/streetpunk.
Etulinja - Rangaistusvaatimus [ROKU RECORDS] 4€ -Finnish classwar punkrock. Great Blitz-cover.
Gayser, The - Gas odour & rock'n'roll homotionn [BAD OXYGEN RECORDS] 4€ - Gay rock'n'roll from Iceland
Hardcores - s/t [NOBODY RECORDS] 4€ - 90's melodic hardcore from Finland.
Hausvabot - Extremsituatuionen [HÖHNIE, AN'NA NADEL RECORDS, EISBÄR RECORDS] 4€ -Punkrock from Germany.
Hero Dishonest - Climbing up on the way down [IF SOCIETY +4] 4€ -Fast and chaotic hardcore punk from Helsinki, Finland.
Juggling Jugulars - When I see/Addcted [KÄMÄSET LEVYT, ZERGA] 4€ -Latest single from this great Finnish band which plays hardcore punk with great melodies.
Kultur Maffian - Ceremoni kakofoni [KULTURKROCK] 4€ - Punkrock from Finland, sang in Swedish.
Kyklooppien Sukupuutto - Kuuluuko meidän todella? [TUSKA JA AHDISTUS, BLACKPRINT] 4€ - Chaotic finnish hardcore in the vein of old Italian hardcore bands with great lyrics.White vinyl.
Kyre&Duunarit - Third ep [HELL'S TONE RECORDS] 4€ -Finnish streetpunk with humoristic lyrics sang in Finnish.
Legal Kriminal - Psychopathen [HÖHNIE] 4€ -German punkrock in the vein of Asta Kask and such
Lost Boys - s/t [TRABUC RECORDS +4] 4€ - Cool punk/hardcore from France. Their debut ep.
Müllstation - Arbeitslos [HÖHNIE] 4€ -German punkrock legend. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Müllstation - Schläger in der Straßenbahn [SCHLEMIHL RECORDS] 4€ -Another 7" of this German punkrock band.
Neuroottiset Pelimannit - s/t [SFUR, ASSEL] 4€ -Great hardcore from Finland. ONLY FEW COPIES LEFT!
No Kids - s/t [RATBITE RECORDS, BUSSIKUSKI RECORDS, EVIL CORPORATION] 4€ -This Tampere based all star band plays solid old school USHC.
Oi Polloi - Mind the bollocks [KÄMÄSET LEVYT] 4€ -Latest ep of these Scotthish anarchopunk masters
Omaisuusvahinko - s/t [ROKU RECORDS, RATBITE RECORDS, PROPERTY DAMAGE] 4€ -Great fast punkrock fron Kouvola, Finland. Heavily influenced by Lama, Appendix and such. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Pack - s/t [RINDERHERZ RECORDS] 4€ - Pack hails Switzerland and plays fast and furious crustcore.
Phoenix Foundation, The - We need to make some changes [CORPORATE POP] 4€ - Someone might call this emo but I just call it melodic and melancholic punkrock.
Rasta Knast -Probegepogt [HÖHNIE] 4€ -
Real Vacation - You know the words, you know the moves [ROKU RECORDS] 4€ - Ramones-influenced punkrock from Lapland. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Rähäkkä - Ruanda 2000 [MORBID PRODUCTIONS] 4€ - Best Finnish crust band from late 90's/early 00's.
Stiggan Andersson - Päästä irti [ROKU RECORDS] 4€ -
Sörsselssöns, The - Ace of Spedes [SHITSUCK TAPES +3] 4€ -Spedepunk from Tampere, Finland. Their second ep.
Turun Tauti - Laumasielut [KÄMÄSET LEVYT, RAATO TOROPAINEN, NICE LOBOTOMY RECORDS] 4€ - Latest ep of this veteran band. ONLY ON COPY LEFT!
Valium Kiharat - s/t [ASSEL RECORDS] 4€ - Great young finnish hardcore band with their debut release
Victim - No salvation [MINISTRY OF PEACE RECORDS] 4€ -Crust with dual vocals from the States.
Viimeinen Kolonna - Tuhat aurinkoa [KÄMÄSET LEVYT, HARDCORE HOLOCAUST] 4€ - VK is back with new line-up. Maybe their best stuff to date?
Vittu Ei Kiitos - s/t [HÖHNIE] 4€ - Höhnie sings in Finnish and band plays traditional hardcore. How could band be any better? ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Die Zlaskhinx - 4H [PUNK IT UP RECORDS] 4€ - Finnnish drunkpunk sang in Swedish.


Akupunktio/Kohu-63 [SFUR] 4€-After few years of planning it's finally out. Tampere punk legends team up with local youngsters who are into Motörhead for good. Green vinyl while lasts.TRADES WELCOME!
Amculance/Derrota [TRABUC] 4€ - Ambulance from Sweden plays dark and heavy crustcore and does it well. Derrota adds more speed, distortion and higher tune. D-beat is the name of the game.ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Brutopia/Lähdön Aika [SUPO RECORDS +5] 4€ -Brutopia from Oulu plays great scandi d-beat. Lähdön Aika is mix of punk and metal quite like Bolt Thrower.
Cockroach/Gride [K.A,Z RE-CHORDS] 4€ -
Defective Force/Radical Up [Shot&Shout records] 4€ - Both bands come from Japan. DF plays hardcore and RU is more like streetpunk/oi-style band.
Derrota/Horrör [TRABUC] 4€ -Derrota sounds quite similar than on split with Ambulance. Distorted d-beat. Horrör is more punkrockish stuff. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
HOW/I.A.F. [BAD SOCIETY +4] 4€ - HOW plays fine crustcore. I.A.F. plays crustcore too but with dual vocals. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Joose Keskitalo/Kohu-63 [VASTAVIRTA JULKAISUT] 5€ - Finnish folk/blues singer Joose Keskitalo on same record with Tampere punkrock legens Kohu-63. Both perform one song.
Keripukki/Pahaa Verta [ROKU RECORDS] 4€ - Two quite new bands from Kouvola making a shared record debut. Only 300 copies made. Get it fast!
Looking For An Answer/Zanussi [TRABUC RECORDS] 4€ - LFAA is one of the best grind bands around at the moment. Zanussi is also fast, but more fastcore than grind. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!LFAA Myspace
Metasystox/Red With Anger [WASTELAND RECORDS +2] 4€ - Two great German crustbands on same record. ONLY ONE COPY LEFT!
Neuroottiset Pelimannit/Tartunta [SHJ RECORDS] 4€ - Halli's hardcorepunkers splitting record with crusties of Tartunta from Savonlinna. Haven't seen these for years until found a box.
Red With Anger/Skräck [ASSEL RECORDS] 4€ - Another Red With Anger split with another German crust band. This is the best RWA release in my opinion.
V/A - Ceòl Gàidhlig Mar Sgian Nad Amhaich! [Problem? Records] 4€ - 4 bands who all sing in gaelic. Bands are: Oi Polloi, Mill a h-Uile Rude, Atomgevitter, Nad Aislingean

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